This Week at NCDOT: Preparing for Hurricane Florence

RALEIGH, NC (September 12, 2018) — The following are highlights from this week at the N.C. Department of Transportation. The stories below are also featured in NCDOT Now, the department’s weekly newscast.

At maintenance yards across the state, as well as ferry terminals, N.C. Department of Transportation staff are getting ready for potential impacts from Hurricane Florence. While the department prepares for the storm, we encourage North Carolinians across the state to do the same.

From the mountains to the coast, crews are checking supplies to ensure equipment is in good working order and ready to go ahead of the storm. Additionally, they are inspecting culverts and pipes under roadways to make sure they are clear.

To aid in evacuations, NCDOT is suspending road work that would impact traffic flow.

Drivers who run out of gas or experience trouble with their vehicle during an evacuation should move it safely to the shoulder of the road to reduce unnecessary congestion. Stranded drivers are encouraged to call *HP (*47), not 911. Keep in mind, stranded vehicles will be towed to keep the roadway clear.

Motorists should also avoid driving through flooded areas and never drive around a barricade. Even if a blocked off road appears safe, there could be washouts underneath that make it dangerous for travel.

Drivers who approach a traffic signal that is out should slow completely to a stop and then treat it as a four-way stop. The first vehicle to arrive to the intersection has the right of way.  If two vehicles arrive at the same time, the one to the right goes first.

For real-time travel information and updates on road closures in your area, at any time, visit

As our crews and equipment stand ready for Hurricane Florence, Governor Roy Cooper encourages North Carolinians to be disaster-ready by putting together emergency kits and having a plan in place.

Emergency kits should include copies of important documents, water, non-perishable food, personal hygiene supplies, clothes, chargers, flashlights and a portable radio with extra batteries. Supplies should be kept in a waterproof container that can be easily transported.  Remember to include supplies for all members of the family, including pets.

For more information on how to ensure your family is disaster ready, go to or download the free ReadyNC app, which features real-time weather, traffic, and shelter information.

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