About Us

The Caldwell Journal is a locally owned and operated online news publication based in Granite Falls, North Carolina. The Caldwell Journal began as the Granite Falls Journal in October of 2010. We decided to change our name due to our new emphasis on providing news from all over Caldwell County and some of the surrounding Counties.

Since October of 2010 we have enjoyed getting to know the people in the community. We have shared many good news stories, made many new friends and business partners. We have done all of this with a very small staff. The staff consists of the husband-and-wife team of Mark and Merri Lee Jackson. While Mark spends most of his time working on the publication…you will find Merri Lee working as an Interventionist/Bus Driver at Granite Falls Elementary School and the rest of her time working on stories when not sewing. Merri Lee (Franklin) Jackson graduated from South Caldwell High School in 1985. However, we cannot take all of the credit. We would not be this successful without our faithful advertisers, loyal readers and the countless people that have shared stories, ideas, local events and encouragement with us.

Please always feel free to send us your good news which includes news, event information, public service announcements, Church happenings, human interest stories, school news, business news, Town news, Police Department news, Fire Department news, photos, press releases, etc.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please feel free to ask.

On October 2, 2014, we became the Caldwell Journal!

Thank You – Mark & Merri Lee Jackson



Contact us at:  mark.jackson@caldwelljournal.com

Caldwell Journal Online Community and Social Media Policy

Caldwell Journal invites and encourages interaction through our website and our social media channels. At this time, you can find us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We do reserve the right to remove, without notice, comments that contain profanity, argumentative remarks, derogatory remarks, objectionable content, or political remarks from our website or any of our social media outlets. We also reserve the right to immediately ban anyone that breaks our rules.