NCDMV advises consumers to avoid used car scams

RALEIGH, NC (May 26, 2017)…The North Carolina DMV’s License and Theft Bureau is advising consumers in the market to buy a car to be aware when purchasing used vehicles.

“Some of the problems we see are, ‘When I bought this vehicle, I didn’t know this’ or ‘I didn’t have this disclosed to me,’” Inspector Rodney Smith said. “They were not aware that it had a salvaged title or that it may have been a flood vehicle.”

The bureau has a few tips to help you avoid being scammed when making a purchase.

• Have a mechanic check the car
Whether a friend who knows cars goes with you, or if you drop it off at your favorite mechanic during a test drive, learn as much as possible about the condition of the vehicle and its components.

• Ask to see the title
Do not buy a vehicle from an individual unless you verify that it belongs to them.

• View the inspection report
Every vehicle being offered for sale to the general public must be inspected, and it cannot be on a lot unless its passed inspection.

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