What’s So Special about Special Enrollment, Part 3 (or Have You Lost Your Group Health Coverage, Etc.)?

LENOIR, NC (July 16, 2020) — If you’ve heard of the ACA (Affordable Care Act), then you’ve probably heard the term “Annual Enrollment.” While it’s coming up later on this year, right now if you need ACA Individual Health coverage then you have to have a Special Enrollment situation in order to qualify for a plan.

A Special Enrollment Period (SEP) is when you qualify for ACA Individual Health coverage during the year when it is not the Annual Enrollment time period. There are various ways to qualify. Special Enrollment situations can be: 1) loss of employer group health coverage, 2) moving (zip codes), 3) loss of Medicaid, 4) having a baby, 5) getting married, 6) getting divorced, 7) going off COBRA, 8) turning 26 and going off a parent’s plan, etc. You may have to prove you are in the SEP situation you claim before you can be enrolled in a plan.

The Special Enrollment situation can qualify you for an ACA Individual Health plan through the Marketplace. ACA Individual Health is major medical coverage.

If you are in a Special Enrollment situation why shouldn’t I just go without insurance and/or take COBRA? It depends on the cost and whether or not you qualify for a premium subsidy (aka Advanced Premium Tax Credit) towards your premium as well as the coverage benefits you are interested in. Going without coverage is a big chance to take if you have a medical issue come up. COBRA is usually more expensive than an ACA Individual Health plan because at that point your former employer is no longer assisting with paying your premium.

Your coverage choices are up to you! You can get a quote for ACA Special Enrollment Individual Health to see what your cost and coverage would be to compare. Check with your local insurance agency that offers ACA Special Enrollment Individual Health for more information.

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