Virginia Sauer celebrating life for over a century

LENOIR, NC (March 29, 2021) — Virginia Sauer, 101-year-old Caldwell Hospice patient, continues to celebrate life. In anticipation of her upcoming birthday, she mentioned how nice it would be to have 101 birthday cards to celebrate each year she has lived. This prompted Caldwell Hospice volunteers, VolunTEENs and staff to get busy making cards. Virginia was delighted to receive not 101, but more than 150 birthday cards to celebrate her special day!

Caldwell Hospice patient Virginia Sauer receives 150+ birthday cards.

When asked what wisdom she has to offer from her century of living, Sauer said, “Whatever your ambition is…go for it!” That is exactly how this 101-year-old Caldwell Hospice patient lives her life.

Patient Virginia Sauer and Caldwell Hospice CNA Revonda Hutto.

Virginia’s love of art was sparked in third grade when her friends were amazed at the talent she displayed in a beautiful watercolor landscape. During the 1920’s and 30’s, an education and career in art seemed impossible—especially for a girl. She got a job at Roses 5 & 10 during high school and became the store manager by the time she was 23. She continued to work hard for two more years until she saved enough money to attend Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Virginia left her Rutherford County home in North Carolina and began an adventure!

“It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen,” says Sauer. “I met a lot of good people.”

She trained there and built a very successful career as a fabric designer, working in North Carolina and New York.

In addition to a career designing jacquard fabrics, Virginia continued to paint until her failing eyesight forced her to lay down her brushes and palette. Virginia recalls that in 1989, when Caldwell Hospice’s Stevens patient care unit opened, she donated one of her paintings to the organization. Even though she can no longer see to paint, she remains a member of Lenoir’s Brush and Palette Club.

Virginia says she is pleased with the personalized care she receives from her Caldwell Hospice care team in her home and during her brief stay at the Forlines Patient Care Unit. 

Reflecting on her long life, Virginia says she has always appreciated what people have done to help her and has always tried to help others whenever she had the opportunity. “My greatest accomplishment is helping others,” says Sauer.