Upcoming Events at the Caldwell Heritage Museum

LENOIR, NC (August 12, 2019) — Please join us at the following upcoming events at Caldwell Heritage Museum.

Wednesday, 14 August @ 10:00 – Coffee with the Director presents summer intern Braxton Nelson as he presents on the Native Americans in and around Caldwell County.

Thursday, 22 August @ 7:00 p.m. – Hosted by Caldwell Historical Society – “Pointing Fingers and Weeping Willows: Understanding North Carolina’s Gravestone Art.” Have you ever wandered a cemetery, wondering about the meaning of the carvings on the stones? Inverted torches, pointing fingers, winged hourglasses, weeping willows, anchors, starts and crowns bedeck monument of the past, dedicated to the memory of those long gone. All of these images have meanings.

Join historian Michael C. Hardy for a visual walk through cemeteries all across the state of North Carolina, exploring he variety of symbols set into stone and dig deeper into their meanings.