Town of Granite Falls Council sworn in

GRANITE FALLS, NC (December 13, 2021) — During the Town of Granite Falls Town Council meeting Monday, December 6th, Mayor Dr. Caryl B. Burns and Councilmembers Martin D. Townsend, Larry Knight, and Ritch Bolick swore their oaths of office. All four were elected for their respective offices during the November municipal election and will each serve four-year terms.

Former Mayor Barry Hayes administered the oath of office to Mayor-elect Burns. Mayor Burns administered the oath to Townsend, Knight, and Bolick. Councilmember Tracy Townsend was elected by the Town Council with a unanimous vote to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore.

Mayor Dr. Caryl B. Burns has served on the Town Council as a Council Member since 1997. Mayor Burns was elected to the position of Mayor following the retirement of former Mayor Barry Hayes. Mayor Pro Tem Townsend has served on the Town Council since 2007. Councilmember M.D. Townsend has served on the Council since 2013. Councilmember Knight has served on the Council since 2017. Councilmember Bolick was elected for his first term this year, but previously served as Town of Granite Falls Police Chief from 2005 until his retirement in 2017.

Photo Caption: Top Row (L-R): Councilmember Ritch Bolick, Councilmember Larry Knight, Councilmember Mike Mackie, Councilmember Martin D. Townsend, and Town Manager Jerry Church.
Bottom Row (L-R): Town Clerk Paula Kirby, Mayor Pro Tem Tracy Townsend, Mayor Dr. Caryl B. Burns, Councilmember Jim Mackie, and Town Attorney Bruce Cannon.

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