Town of Granite Falls comments on Wednesday’s powerful storm

GRANITE FALLS, NC (July 6, 2017)…Town of Granite Falls Town Manager Jerry Church provided us with the following statement about Wednesday’s powerful storm.  “We should all be very grateful that there were no serious injuries and minimal amounts of property damaged by this powerful storm.

The Town Council and I are proud of the quick and professional response of Town employees to the aftermath of yesterday’s sudden and violent storm. Town employees worked diligently and professionally to restore electric service to residents who were without power and to also remove fallen trees and other debris so residents could travel safely throughout the Town. Town employees from the Electric, Street, Police, Fire, Water & Sewer Maintenance and Administrative Departments all “pitched in” in response to the storm. Town staff showed outstanding teamwork and collaboration during the cleanup efforts and these efforts will be ongoing for the next several days.

I ask that citizens be patient as Town staff continues the cleanup process as there are massive amounts of limbs, leaves and debris that need to be collected. Timing is everything and as luck would have it, next week is also the week that Town staff has to read electric and water meters. Town staff will resume cleanup efforts as soon as possible after meter reading is completed.”

Circle Street in Granite Falls