All Women Owned And Operated Coco Bail Bonds recently moved to new location

Correction: The original title of the article below was incorrect. Ann Reid Stover was the first woman owner of a bail bonds business in Caldwell County. I take full responsibility for the mistake and apologize for the oversight…Mark Jackson (Caldwell Journal)

GRANITE FALLS, NC (October 29, 2021) — Corey Moore, the owner and operator of Coco Bail Bonds has been working in this predominantly male field since 2017. She’s a Granite Falls local, and Caldwell County resident who loves her small town and giving back to her community. In July of 2021 she placed roots at her office off 321 near the Granite Falls Walmart and MDI. Corey is a former beauty queen for the state of South Carolina. She is a wife, and mother to two young children. When asked what is the most important to her business she responds “As a local I have the residents here and their family’s best interest at heart, and a professional they can trust. While making the process easy and stress free I want my clients to know they come first!”

She wants to let the people of Caldwell County know that she is not your typical bail bondsman. She is a tour guide to the bail bonds process. Corey went on to say that “Knowing a bondsman is important because you never know if you might need us. For the simple fact I hope you never have to call me, but if for some reason you do it’s better to be safe than sorry. Anyone can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, make mistakes, or misunderstand the law. I can promise if you get caught up in a situation and need to ring my line not to worry.”

Coco Bail Bonds
Contact name: Corey Moore
Phone number: (828) 493-4064
Office number: (828) 212-0210
Office address: 4990 Hickory Blvd Granite Falls NC

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