Teresa Branch Files for School Board

LENOIR, NC (July 16, 2018)…I’m happy to announce that I’m seeking re-election to the Caldwell County Board of Education, where I will continue to be an active and engaged voice for every student, parent, and teacher in our community. You can count on me to always do my homework, speak up, and advocate for a quality education for all students. As a former teacher, substitute teacher, bus driver, assistant principal, principal, and director, I’ve worked to give all citizens a voice on the board, and will continue to do so if elected for another term.

During our search for superintendent, the priorities for our school system were voiced by educators, families, and community members.  Their priorities are my priorities:  School Safety & Mental Health, Smart Spending, and Partnerships with our Stakeholders.

  • School Safety & Mental Health – Making sure that students are safe and ready to learn is the most important task for our school system. Providing the personnel and tools for School Resource Officers and Student Services (counselors, social workers & nurses) is essential.
  • Smart Spending – Analyzing the budget and spending effectiveness will ensure that we are getting “bang for our buck.” With a new superintendent, we are at the perfect time to evaluate programs, procedures, and day-to-day operations.  This includes allotment and the timeliness that school principals are given their allotment.  To often we are losing quality educators to surrounding counties because of delays in the allotment and hiring process.
  • Partnerships with our Stakeholders – To better prepare students to be engaged and productive members of society, we must focus on strengthening our relationship with families, business and industry, and partner agencies. A strong school system provides a better educated work force and a higher quality of life for everyone.

My experiences as a Caldwell County student, parent, and educator have provided the opportunity to understand education from the inside out.  If elected, I will continue to bring creativity, innovation, and a mind-set to be actively engaged in discussions that lead and guide the future of education in Caldwell County.  Please consider a vote for Teresa Branch when voting for school board this November.

Press Release courtesy of Teresa Branch