State Highway Patrol Hopes Eclipse Doesn’t Shadow Safety

RALEIGH, NC (August 7, 2017)…In anticipation of the solar eclipse scheduled to take place on Monday, August 21, the State Highway Patrol is placing an emphasis on safe travel. Due to the expected number of people taking part in the event, roadways across portions of the state will see a significant increase in motorists.

A total solar eclipse will be visible in the western portion of North Carolina, drawing several visitors from surrounding states. Authorities are encouraging onlookers to arrive early for the event in an attempt to decrease the number of vehicles on the roadways at one time.

Safety Tips Prior to and After the Eclipse:
• Arrive early to your chosen destination
• Expect traffic delays closer to the event’s date
• Be patient
• Plan alternate routes
• Monitor traffic reports on local media/radio broadcast
• Have food and water readily available
• Remove vehicle from roadway if experiencing mechanical problems
• If involved in a collision with no injuries, remove vehicle to the shoulder and wait for authorities

Safety Tips During the Eclipse:
• Do not stop on the roadway
• Refrain from parking on the shoulder or median portions of the roadway
• Use designated parking areas
• Do not wear eclipse glasses while driving
• Do not drive distracted – Park before attempting to photograph or record the event
• Watch for pedestrians along the roadway
• Activate headlights

Motorists are requested to avoid calling 911 or *HP(*47) for non-emergency inquiries.

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