State Highway Patrol Announces Non-Profit Foundation

RALEIGH, NC (March 10, 2021) — The State Highway Patrol is proud to announce the first ever non-profit 501(c)(3) titled “North Carolina State Highway Patrol Foundation”. 

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol’s non-profit foundation was founded by Board Chairwoman, Melissa Sutherland and is comprised of local business leaders, community members, legal and financial professionals whose primary mission is to support the organization’s needs in the areas of training, equipment and other invaluable tools which would strengthen our mission by providing the highest level of service and protection to the citizens of this state. More importantly, the foundation will provide immediate financial assistance to members and their families who are either critically injured or die while in the performance of their duties. 

“Our resolve to carry out our honorable mission is unwavering and will remain steadfast as we address the needs of our members and their families,” said Colonel Glenn M. McNeill, Jr.  “The bravery, courage and tireless work displayed by both past and present members, truly merits the cause behind this great foundation.”

For more information, please go to to learn more about the foundation’s mission, the Board of Directors, donating options and upcoming events.