**Special Attention Wilson Creek Visitors**

LENOIR, NC (July 5, 2018)…There are many miles of gravel roads in Caldwell County, most are well maintained and in suitable condition for standard passenger cars but driving in the mountains presents new challenges for many drivers. Roads in the Wilson Creek are narrow and winding with blind curves and low shoulders. Drivers should take extra care when operating a vehicle in this area.

Ensure any area in which you choose to park is a designated parking area and/or has ample space to leave clear the main roadway. Parking in areas that have the potential to, or does, block the roadway, will result in citation(s) and towing.

Here are some basic parking rules:

– Never park on the traveled part of a road. Drive off the road onto the shoulder if you must stop for some reason or remain in marked parking areas.

– Never park on a curve, hill or anywhere you do not have a clear view in both directions.

– Do not park where you will block a vehicle already parked or where you will block a sidewalk, crosswalk, pedestrian crossing or road entrance.

– Do not park where your vehicle will block a fire hydrant, bridge or a public or private entrance/driveway.

– Do not park in an intersection.

– Do not park in any location where you will impede the progress of emergency crews/vehicles.

– Never open the door of your parked vehicle without first making sure that you will not endanger any other person or vehicle or interfere with traffic. Generally, a good practice is to open the driver’s door with your right hand as this will force a shoulder check at the same time. Take extra precautions to avoid opening a door in the path of cyclists, who often ride close to parked cars When you must open a door next to traffic, keep it open only long enough to load or unload passengers.

Message from Caldwell County Emergency Services