Sign up for WaterSmart before a leak catches you by surprise!

LENOIR, NC (January 26, 2022) — When the ground freezes and thaws over and over, there’s a better chance for water line breaks. Sign up for WaterSmart today to get notified of possible water leaks!

When the ground freezes, it can expand. When it thaws, the dirt around water lines can contract leaving gaps around the line. If the ground freezes and thaws enough, water lines can shift and break. City staff work hard to repair broken lines on the City system in a timely manner, but pipes from the City water meters to houses or businesses are the responsibility of the property owner.

WaterSmart is a service that lets City of Lenoir water customers track their water use. Customers can sign up for alerts and check to see if they have a leak. They can also view and pay bills and review yearly water usage and graphs.

Once a resident signs up, they can ask to be notified of high or unusual use, which could be a sign of a water line break or a leaky toilet for example. Water leaks cost money, so it’s in the best interest of customers to catch and fix leaks early.

It’s easy to sign up for WaterSmart. All customer’s need is their billing account number and zip code.

Go to and sign up today!

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