Schools recognizing those who served in the Armed Forces

LENOIR, NC (November 10, 2021) — Writing letters of thanks, waving American flags, singing the national anthem, and holding special Veterans Day assemblies and parades captivated students throughout the district in remembrance of the women and men who proudly served in the Armed Forces. In grades K-12, students wore patriotic shirts and hats with national colors – red, white, and blue – to signify respect and admiration for those who served. They revered veteran guests of honor in schools, many who were students’ parents and grandparents.

Ms. Brittany Hendrix’s first-grade students (made their patriotic hats) at Baton Elementary School

“Being the son of a veteran, I understand the sacrifices required of families as well,” said Superintendent Dr. Donald Phipps. “We have the greatest respect for all those who have served and for the families who have supported them.”

Schools welcomed the opportunity to celebrate United States veterans the day before the designated holiday. Veterans Day is a federal and state holiday observed annually on November 11. Schools and facilities will be closed for all students and staff.

In North Carolina school calendar law, which sets the parameters for school calendars, Veterans Day is exclusively mentioned as it “shall be a holiday for all public school personnel and for all students enrolled in the public schools.” All public schools across the state are closed to set this day aside as one to remember and honor the dedicated servicemen who were willing to preserve the rights and freedoms of this nation.

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