Rosemary Marlowe Fountain Dedication on the Lenoir Greenway

LENOIR, NC (August 9, 2018) — Family and friends of Rosemary Marlowe gathered on the Lenoir Greenway Thursday morning, Aug. 9, 2018, to remember Rosemary and dedicate a water fountain in her name.

Richard Marlowe, Rosemary’s husband, donated the fountain to the City. Rosemary and Richard spent many hours walking and talking on the Lenoir greenway. Rosemary died last year after putting up a courageous and dedicated fight against cancer.

“A lot of things attracted me to [Rosemary], but one of the first things was her always-present smile,” Marlowe said. “It was a window into who she was as a person – genuine, caring, and always looking to help someone else if possible.”

Throughout her fight against cancer, Rosemary persevered, Marlowe said, and she endured all the trials and struggles of that fight with “that same ever-present smile.”

“She never gave up that she was going to be better one day,” Marlowe said.

Less than six weeks after her first major surgery, Rosemary wanted to get back out on the greenway. She wanted to do the things she and her husband did before she got sick.

“I couldn’t convince her that it was too early,” Marlowe said. “For those couple of hours every day it seemed like we were able to put our worries and fears behind us.”

After Rosemary passed, Marlowe wanted to create something to honor her, perpetuate her memory, and benefit others. He decided that a water fountain on the greenway would be a great way to remember his wife.

“It’s my hope that this [fountain] stands here for many years, reminding people of Rosemary,” Marlowe said. “And that it will render aid and comfort to whomever stops by. I’m proud of it, and I think she would be.”

Parks and Recreation Director Kenny Story said he really appreciated Marlowe’s generosity. The City will maintain the fountain.

“I was so excited for [Marlowe], he’s a good man,” Story said. “And he cares about our Parks and Recreation Department. Thank you for this.”

Mayor Joe Gibbons thanked Marlowe for coming up with such a great way to honor and remember his wife.

“We are so excited to accept this on behalf of the City of Lenoir and its citizens,” Gibbons said. “And on behalf of the City Council, thank you for this wonderful tribute. This will be something that we will take care of and honor, and I hope everyone will enjoy it every day.”

The water fountain is located on the greenway at the south end of the Lenoir Rotary Soccer Complex.