Preparing For Upcoming Winter Weather

LENOIR, NC (December 7, 2018) — Caldwell County Emergency Services is advising all citizens to prepare TODAY for upcoming winter weather. Winter storms can knock out heat, power, and communication for several hours to days. Please stay off the roads and stay inside your home.

Citizens are being encouraged and reminded to:

  • Prepare today for severe winter weather with supplies in place in case of power outages (bottled water, food and blankets to keep warm).
  • Make sure pets are safe and warm, bring them inside if possible.
  • Charge all cell phones and back up batteries fully today and tonight in case land line service is interrupted.
  • Stay home and off the roads unless it is an emergency once weather conditions begin to deteriorate. Have emergency supplies in your car if you must travel.
  • DO NOT call 911 unless it is an emergency. Do not call 911 for weather or road conditions. 911 staff need to be clear to handle any emergencies that may happen. Do not call 911 to report a power outage, contact your power provider.
  • Have a weather radio for updates on weather.
  • If you go outside, be sure to cover all exposed skin and keep dry.
  • Drink fluids often as dehydration is common in cold weather.
  • If you lose power, call (828)758-2324 to find the closest warming station.