Power-on One-to-One Computing

LENOIR, NC (September 24, 2021) — In a concerted effort to be engaged in emerging technologies, the Caldwell County Schools has powered on its technology plan to activate a one-to-one computing initiative, now possible with 11K electronic devices (Chromebooks) for schools and students throughout the district.

“It’s a process getting these out,” said Cody Greene, Technology Director. “We currently have some in stock, but the bulk of them have been deployed to schools for student usage.”

Kelly Smith, Assistant Principal at West Caldwell High Schools, disperses Chromebooks to students.

Most recently, middle and high schools have dispersed Chromebooks to students for academic support. The devices allow students to access the Internet, digital course materials, and educational resources. The Chromebooks may be used during in-person instruction or during the school day as well as at home depending on the assignment or learning conditions. Students and/or their parents must sign a technology use agreement prior to receiving a Chromebook, and all devices will be collected before the school year ends to be thoroughly sanitized and redistributed to students for the following year.

“The deployment of Chromebooks is one phase of our districtwide technology plan,” said Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps. “Because of COVID conditions, our efforts have been intensified to provide electronic devices for students and staff. We are better prepared to not only enhance learning at school through technology but also to keep our students connected online during any type of remote learning.”

The school district received federal and state emergency funding and generous donations from the local faith-based community to address technology needs in schools. With the procurement of Chromebooks, laptops for teachers, Kajeets (Wi-Fi hotspots) and webcams, every student has the opportunity to enhance study through technology at school or while off campus.

“Students are able to take the devices home and bring them back to school so that instruction continues no matter if the student is able to physically be at school or not,” said Dawn Henline, West Caldwell High School Assistant Principal.

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