Picnic for the Parkway sets table for a summer celebration with a purpose

ASHEVILLE, NC (June 26, 2020) — During July, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation is celebrating National Picnic Month with a new twist on a great summer tradition, with the Picnic for the Parkway event. Fans of the national park unit are invited to connect through this virtual fundraising event and host a picnic in support of the scenic route.

Hosts and guests invited to connect and support the future of the Blue Ridge Parkway…

While the Foundation’s large gatherings are on hold due to COVID-19 precautions, the nonprofit is moving forward with projects and programs that protect and enhance the park while also keeping staff, volunteers, and visitors safe. Picnic for the Parkway encourages friends and families to participate in that mission, whether they choose to connect safely in-person at one of the recently reopened picnic areas along the route, in their backyard, or online.

“Enjoying a picnic together with family and friends is truly a quintessential Parkway experience,” said Carolyn Ward, CEO of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. “Picnic for the Parkway is a wonderful way to celebrate these great gatherings and pave the way for more memories made in this amazing park.”

Participants can sign up to become a picnic host and build a team or simply make a donation at BRPFoundation.org/picnic. Then, they can invite family and friends to become a guest at their picnic and make a tax-deductible donation to support the Parkway. To help spread the word, participants are encouraged to share images and stories from their picnics on social media with the hashtag #PicnicForTheParkway. The event continues through July 31 to allow more people to come to the table.

Picnic hosts and donors can win prizes for raising or giving certain amounts, including a picnic blanket for raising or giving $469 – one dollar for every mile of the Parkway. The overall goal is $46,900 ($100 for every mile of the Parkway) to support natural resource protection, historical and cultural preservation, visitor amenities enhancements, and education and outreach programs along the entire route.

For more details and to sign up or donate, visit BRPFoundation.org/picnic.

For additional information, contact Development Officer George Ivey at givey@brpfoundation.org or (866) 308-2773, ext. 408.

About the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation
Founded in 1997, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation is the primary fundraising partner, 501(c)(3), for the Blue Ridge Parkway, providing support for initiatives along the 469-mile route, including historical and cultural preservation, environmental protection, visitor amenities, and education and outreach. For more information, visit BRPFoundation.org.