“Operation Game Over” results in numerous arrests (Updated)

LENOIR, NC (November 1, 2021 – 5:06pm Update) — As a result of “Operation Game Over,” thirty of the forty arrest warrants that were obtained have been served. The subjects who have been served thus far are:

Name: DOB: Principal Charge: Address:

Brittany Pearson
Possession of Heroin
(437 Abington Rd. Lenoir)

Marquel Jackson
Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle
(2012 Treetop Ln. Hudson)

Kadeem Battle
Sell/Deliver Meth
(506 Kirkland Ave. Hudson)

Mavis Seeds
Sell/Deliver Meth
(1088 Hopedale Ln. Lenoir)

Thomas Howell
Sell/Deliver Heroin
(415 Stonewall St. Lenoir)

Joshua Good
Sell/Deliver Meth
(3468 Redcliff Way, Lenoir)

Michael Dula
Felony Speeding to Elude
(1474 Virginia St. Lenoir)

Jamie Deal
Sell/Deliver Heroin
(4590 Luke Ln. Lenoir)

Beverly Weatherford
Conspire to Sell/Deliver Heroin
(4590 Luke Ln. Lenoir)

Shay Morrison
Operate Video Gaming Machine
(2113 Powderhorn Ct. Lenoir)

Robert Setzer
Possession of Meth
(2605 Jimmy K Ln. Lenoir)

Benny Prestwood
Possession of Fentanyl
(1684 Old North Rd. Lenoir)

Jerry Pendergrast
Sell/Deliver Meth
(1258 Shew Hollar Rd. Lenoir)

Mikeal Coffey
Possession of Meth
(1762 Rattlesnake Ln. Lenoir)

Michael Debeve
Sell/Deliver Meth
(2044 Ada Williams Ln. Lenoir)

Antonia Williams
Conspire to Sell Meth
(1333 Bee Mtn. Ridge Rd. Lenoir)

Jonathan Holtsclaw
Deliver Drug Paraphernalia
(1412 Dula Pl. Lenoir)

Alonzo Camp
Possession of Fentanyl
(933 Cottrell Hill Rd. Lenoir)

Duron Conley
Carry Concealed Weapon
(327 Harrington St. Lenoir)

Charles Lindsay
Trafficking in Meth
(1539 Old North Rd. Lenoir)

Luke Robson
Felony Gaming
(345 Shasta Ln. Lenoir)

Tasha Kirby
Sell/Deliver Meth
(1411 Merriman St. Lenoir)

Christopher Dula
Attempt Sell/Deliver Heroin
(1302 Piedmont Dr. Lenoir)

Brian Harper
Trafficking in Opiates
(314 Broadway St. Lenoir)

Isreal Aguilera
Sell/Deliver Meth(223 Broadway St. Lenoir)

Michael Reese
Sell/Deliver Meth
(144 Torrence Cir. Lenoir)

Adonis Patterson
Possession of Meth
(2744 Table Rock Rd. Lenoir)

Mikeal Coffey
Possession of Meth
(105 Triplette Dr. Lenoir)

Joshua Moore
Trafficking in Opium
(1633 Emrald St. Winston)

Rachel Grizzle
Possession of Heroin General Delivery

The below listed individuals were located and arrested while officers were trying to locate the above listed subjects.

Cody Adkins
Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle
(8853 Spring Meadows R. Hickory)

Jason Corpening
Failure to Appear
(1122 Piedmont Dr. Lenoir)

Stephanie Michaux
Trafficking in Opium
(415 Stonewall St. Lenoir)

The Lenoir Police Department is still actively searching for the remaining persons involved in the criminal violations that occurred during this long investigation. 40 Arrest Warrants Obtained Following Joint Operation.

LENOIR, NC (October 29, 2021 – 4:28pm) – Lenoir Police Department detectives; in conjunction with agents from the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement, conducted a joint
operation investigating illegal activity related to ABC permitted establishments and surrounding areas in Lenoir.

Operation Game Over” was launched on January 29, 2021 and was prompted by community complaints involving gun and drug activity, as well as illegal gambling.

The complaints involved two local Lenoir businesses:

* Gamewell Superette: 2830 Morganton Blvd.

* Fastop: 215 Blowing Rock Blvd.

Search warrants were obtained for Gamewell Superette, in addition to a home located at 144 Torrence Circle, Lenoir. As a result of the information and evidence gathered during the investigation, the Lenoir Police Department obtained arrest warrants for 40 suspects. Their charges ranged from Felony Gaming, Carrying a Concealed Weapon to Trafficking in Opium. Arrests teams were mobilized this morning. At the time of this release of information, 26 of the 40 suspects were arrested, as well as an additional 3 persons found to have outstanding Warrants for Arrest.

Additionally, illegal narcotics and drug paraphernalia were recovered during the operation.

The Lenoir Police Department and assisting agencies continue the work of apprehending the remaining wanted suspects.

Local and state agencies that assisted with the round-up included:

* North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement

* North Carolina Probation and Parole

* Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office

Lenoir Police Chief Brent Phelps called the operation a strong message for the criminal element:

“We will move heaven and earth to protect the community we are sworn to serve. The Lenoir Police Department will continue to leverage all the resources available to ensure our community remains a safe one.”

Information concerning the suspects arrested and their respective charges will be provided as it becomes available.

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