Open enrollment for student transfers

LENOIR, NC (January 7, 2022) — The school district provides an open enrollment period for student transfers from January 15 – February 28, which allows students to transfer from their home school district to a school of their choice if space is available and students meet certain criteria.

“We’ve improved the overall effectiveness of student assignments,” said Superintendent Dr. Donald Phipps. “This process allows families to fully discuss their options and plan now for next school year. It also gives the school district ample time to plan for the number of students attending each school in the fall.”

Students at Kings Creek School in the Media Center Kings Creek School is open to student transfers.

Students currently on an approved transfer or those who would like to transfer are required to complete an application at If they miss the deadline, then parents must show severe, extenuating circumstances to justify a reason for changing their child’s school.

All schools are open and have space for student transfers except the following:

Davenport A+ Elementary, Lower Creek Elementary, Granite Falls Middle, Valmead Elementary, West Lenoir Elementary and William Lenoir Middle. These schools are closed to student transfers.

The online application, more detailed information and policies regarding student transfers are posted on the school district website at

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