Oak Hill Charter School celebrates Veterans!

LENOIR, NC (November 9, 2023) ⇒ Our student body gathered with 40 local Veterans to honor their service and sacrifice. Mrs. Eckard, Principal, welcomed Veterans, families, and students. Mr. Nick Story, local combat Veteran, spoke with students about the first Armistice Day, on the 11th day of the 11th month marking the end of World War 1 and to honor its fallen. He reminded students and staff to work with local Veterans to donate your time and efforts to those who served. “Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a day to commemorate all veterans of all wars and eras-past, present and future; living and dead. While the hope of a world without war faded and we continued to mourn our fallen, November 11 became a day of celebration and gratitude.” Mr. Lovatto, Navy Veteran, lead students in the National Anthem after Lt. Commander William Deal, US Navy Reserves, presented the Colors and lead students in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was wonderful to hear the National Anthem in a gym full of voices, big and small. Sgt. Major Ken Miller, Marine Corps, spoke about ways we could honor Veterans in our own homes: displaying the American Flag, attending a parade or ceremony such as this, volunteering with Veteran organizations, or simply thanking a Veteran for their service. Mr. Foddrell, Assistant Principal of Hibriten High School closed our ceremony in prayer. Veterans joined their student guests for “muffins for military” at the conclusion of the ceremony.

President Ronald Reagan once said of Veterans, “With a spirit of pride and gratitude, let us recall their heroic accomplishments and thank them for their unselfish devotion to duty. They are indeed worthy of the solemn tribute of a grateful Nation.”

We are honored to welcome Veterans to our campus. What a joy to see men and women dressed in uniform; and teach students to respect and honor the sacrifice of Veterans who have paid the way for the freedoms we enjoy today.


Article provided by Oak Hill Charter School Principal Meggan Eckard.

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