North Carolina search and rescue task force deploys to assist Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

RALEIGH, NC (August 27, 2020) — A search and rescue task force from North Carolina deployed this morning to assist in the response to Hurricane Laura along the Gulf Coast.

Answering a request from the State of Louisiana through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, North Carolina is providing a task force of 41 responders.

Twenty personnel from the Greensboro Fire Department are providing the swift water rescue component of the team, along with six rescue boats.  Eighteen members of Charlotte Fire Department along with two structural engineers make up the urban search and rescue component of the team.  A coordinator from North Carolina Emergency Management also deployed with the team.

The task force is capable of performing water rescues, wide area searches, and rescues from damaged and collapsed homes and buildings.  The team deploys with its own base camp, communications, and support equipment and is able to operate self-sufficiently for 72 hours at a time.

The deployment is expected to last up to 15 days.   The team will receive specific assignments after arriving in Baton Rouge tonight.

“Godspeed and prayers for a safe return. I’m confident Charlotte Fire NC USAR Taskforce 3 will meet the mission and assist those affected by Hurricane Laura.” –
Charlotte Fire Department, Charlotte NC – Chief Reginald Johnson

Twenty members of the Greensboro Fire Department’s Swift Water Rescue Team deployed this morning to assist with search and rescue efforts in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Laura. Greensboro is proud to send our well-trained team and wait for their safe return.