New Groomers, New Snow-Making Machines, New Rental Equipment & a Larger Sports Shop at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

SUGAR MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT, NC (October 16, 2018) — This season skiers and snowboarders will be excited about a slew of improvements, upgrades, and additions awaiting their arrival at Sugar Mountain Resort.

Three new Kassbohrer groomers, two 600’s and one 600 winch, replace the older ones. Five new automated snow-making machines, four SMI and one Techno Alpin, add to an already massive arsenal. Water storage capacity for snow-making is enlarged by thirty-percent. New Head rental skis and boots replace twenty-percent of the fleet, and Head rental snowboards and boots replace half of its collection. The Sports and Gift Shop underwent an enlargement this fall and upped the floor space from 1,800 square feet to 2,320 square feet.

Call 800-SUGAR MT or browse the website for more information about Sugar Mountain Resort.