Multiple situations causing some sediment in Caldwell County water customers water lines

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (June 20, 2018)…Caldwell County Water Customers are seeing sediment in their water in several areas of the county due to several different incidents.

County Water Customers around the new William Lenoir Middle School have been seeing sediment in their water due to construction and replacement of water lines near the Roundabout being built on Highway 90.

Caldwell County Water Department that is flushing hydrants that is causing the stir up of sediment in the water lines as they work to clear the water in the Grace Chapel area.  (The Grace Chapel Fire Department was not flow testing hydrants today and are not responsible for the sediment in the water line of Caldwell County Water Customers.  Caldwell County apologizes to the Grace Chapel Fire Department for the error.)

County Water Customers in the Dudley Shoals area are seeing sediment due to low water levels in the Draco Holding Tank.

All three of these areas water should clear over the next few days. County staff have tested the water in all three areas and have determined the water is safe. Any customers still having concerns can boil the water for two minutes before consumption or drink bottled water.

Anyone with questions can contact the Caldwell County Water Department at 828-757-5758.