Medicare Plans Aren’t All the Same

LENOIR, NC (May 1, 2020) — When you become eligible for Medicare A&B, regardless of your age, there are some choices you have as far as additional or “gap” coverage.

Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage PPO plans are two different types of policies.

With a Medicare Supplement, there are Plans A-N currently.  There’s no network for a Medicare Supplement.  You can see any doctor or/hospital that accepts Medicare assignment or will bill Medicare.  And it covers the parts Medicare doesn’t, depending on your plan.

For a Medicare Advantage plan, there is a network, doctor or facility copays, and out of network costs, plus out of pocket costs.  You only use this card when you go to the doctor, hospital or pharmacist.

Both plans have different premiums.  If you go with a Medicare Supplement, you would have to add on a Drug plan to have drug coverage.

If you go with a Medicare Advantage, you want to make sure your Doctor accepts the plan.

It’s best to look in detail at each plan and see what choices you have.  Be sure to also contact your insurance professional to navigate these choices to choose what is best for you.

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