Litter is an Ugly and a very Unwelcomed Visitor to Wilson Creek

MORTIMER, NC (July 5, 2018)…Bruce Gray, owner of Betsey’s Ole Country Store & Cabin Rental in Mortimer, and his team of awesome helpers are fighting littering at Caldwell County’s most beautiful destination, Wilson Creek.  On Thursday, July 5, 2018 they hauled four loads of trash and filled two dumpsters.  Yes, four loads of trash!  Just sickening…

A Big Thank You to Bruce and all who assists with keeping Wilson Creek clean!

Stop by and see Bruce at:

Here is a quote from Bruce Gray’s Facebook page:

“People come to the creek for the 4th and think it’s okay to leave their trash.
It’s not.
Not only is it ugly and disgusting, it’s dangerous to fish and animals.
Keep it clean folks…”

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