Life In The Carolinas highlights Downtown Lenoir

LENOIR, NC (July 18, 2018) — Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas highlighted Downtown Lenoir Monday, July 16, 2018, in a video titled “Lenoir- A Creative, Historic Downtown.”

White interviewed Kyle Case, the City’s Main Street Program Coordinator, about the businesses and people bringing energy and investment into Downtown Lenoir. He talked with Charlie Frye about what it’s like to be a folk artist working and living in downtown, and White also interviewed Lindsay Barrick, Executive Director of Caldwell Arts Council, about the 80-plus public sculptures in Lenoir and Caldwell County, which White rightly says, “is a pretty big deal.”

“One thing about Lenoir is for sure,” White said. “There’s something about the energy of the area that attracts a lot of creative people.”

Click below to watch the video!