LENOIR, NC (October 1, 2018) — Greetings LEOS Friends: Can you help AND pass the word? Surely there are 21 Caldwell County residents who care about “the least of these” in our community!  As we enter the winter season and the need for shelter and care escalates, LEOS needs to reinforce our volunteer supports. We have an assortment of shifts that need a volunteer – 12-4pm weekdays, 4-8pm weekdays, 8pm-8am overnight shifts (the quietest shift!), Saturdays and Sundays 8am-12pm and 12-4pm.  You can volunteer as many or as few hours as your schedule will allow!  If all you can manage is 4 hours per month, we welcome you!

Being a volunteer at LEOS is a double blessing – to our precious residents AND to you as well. Training sessions will be scheduled in November and December at your convenience. We are close to ending our 4th year of ministry at LEOS and our successes are directly related to our incredible volunteer force that support this faith-based shelter program. Private message this page, call LEOS 726-3634 and leave your information, or call Yokefellow 754-7088 and do the same. Thank you to our community for investing in and supporting this unique shelter program! Faith based on love, respect, compassion, structure, expectations, responsibility!

Here is a link to the LEOS website:

Press Release by Sharon V. Harmon 
Executive Director of Caldwell County Yokefellow, Inc.