Lenoir Crossing getting renovation and new tenant

LENOIR, NC (August 6, 2021) — The Lenoir Crossing shopping center at Smith Crossroads is undergoing renovations and will have a new tenant in the future – Jersey Mike’s Subs.

The shopping center is owned and operated by Venture Properties. Aaron Edwards, Sales & Leasing Manager with Venture Properties, said interest in the shopping center and growth in the market in Lenoir prompted Venture to renovate the buildings and parking lot.

The renovation plans include new facings for the buildings and new landscaping.

“Since I joined the company, it has been a goal of mine to elevate that shopping center,” Edwards said. “We were able to recruit Chick-fil-A and Harbor Freight to Lenoir Crossing, and with continued interested in the location, we thought it was a good time to make some needed changes and improvements.”

The improvements will come in two phases. In Phase 1, Venture plans to reface the shopping center buildings from the corner nearest to U.S. 321 to Harbor Freight. Venture also plans to resurface and redesign the parking lot, add new landscaping and trees, and add new lighting.

Venture Properties plans to bring trees back to the Lenoir Crossing shopping center.

The old Blockbuster space is being converted into three new units. Jersey Mike’s Subs will move into the corner space nearest to 321 and will have an outdoor patio. Cricket Wireless and the Nail Salon will move from their current locations in the center into the other two new spaces.

“All the retailers are very excited about the plan,” Edwards said. “The parking lot will get an upgrade and we’re installing brand new lighting, so it’ll be very bright and inviting. I think the community will be much more satisfied with the layout.”

Edwards said the company hopes to finish Phase 1 by the end of the year.

“Our goal is to be done before Christmas,” Edwards said.

Edwards said he didn’t have a specific date for when Jersey Mike’s Subs would open.

Phase 2 of the renovation will encompass the rest of the rest of the property from beside Harbor Freight to the Pizza Hut. Edwards said the company is still developing the Phase 2 plan.

The corner building a the Lenoir Crossing shopping center has been gutted for new renovations. Jersey Mike’s Subs will be the corner tenant.