Leap Of Faith Christian Bookstore Will Be Round-Up For Esther’s Journey Children’s Home

HUDSON, NC (November 27, 2021) — Leap of Faith Christian Bookstore in Lenoir will be offering you a chance to round-up your purchases to help in the efforts to raise money for the Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home being built in Hudson, North Carolina. The name of the home is Esther’s Journey and was announced at the groundbreaking earlier in November.

The mission of Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home is to serve children by providing a loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment that will foster independence and ensure success among its residents.

“This new home and ones to follow, will help children have a safe place to laugh, play and dream. It is wonderful to have resources for our children in our county. By rounding up your purchase, you are taking part in helping this home be built. We will be rounding up through December 25th and look forward to seeing you at our store soon,” said store owner, Robin Minton.

Leap of Faith Christian Bookstore is in Lenoir, North Carolina at 202 Harper Avenue. Their phone number is 828-758-0777.

Leap of Faith Facebook Page

Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home

Submitted by: Karen Ruhl, Faith On Every Corner, LLC

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