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We believe the early years (ages 0 – 5) are a critical period in the physical, social, spiritual, language, emotional and cognitive development of the child and are indicators of the child’s future well being and adjustment in society.

Research indicates that young children profit socially, cognitively, and emotionally by group experiences in preschool and kindergartens.  Language development is aided; creative thinking is stimulated; traits such as resourcefulness and initiative are encouraged; and skills of self-discipline and group participation are fostered.

At the School for Young Children, we strive to provide each child with a developmentally appropriate curriculum, meeting the different needs of each child depending on their developmental level.

It is our purpose at the School for Young Children to have an excellent, nurturing, Christian preschool program that develops the full potential in every child.

The School for Young Children is a preschool designed for children aged 15 mos through Pre-K. We are a ministry of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Lenoir, NC and are located at 1002 Kirkwood Avenue. We can be reached at (828) 758-7212.