Health Department and Community Paramedics Partner to Provide Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Therapy

LENOIR, NC (October 29, 2021) — The Caldwell County Health Department (CCHD) has partnered with the county’s Community Paramedics to provide Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Therapy, a treatment for COVID-19 positive patients.

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal has been to protect the overall health of our community. Providing Monoclonal Antibody Therapy is another way for us to work toward that goal,” said Caldwell County Public Health Director Anna Martin.

The Monoclonal Infusion Therapy tent is located in parking lot behind the Health Department and is ready to receive patients.

Through this initiative, Community Paramedics provide monoclonal therapy to patients who test positive for COVID and meet the following criteria:

• Have one or more mild-to-moderate COVID-19 symptoms

• Are within the first 10 days of the start of symptoms

• Are at high-risk for hospitalization due to pre-existing medical conditions

“Our Community Paramedic team has worked closely with the Health Department providing testing and vaccines for our clients and other homebound patients,” explained EMS Chief Jonathan Cook. “We are excited to be furthering the partnership and providing monoclonal infusion treatments.”

To receive monoclonal treatment through the Health Department, patients must have been tested at CCHD or be referred by their physician. For more information, call the Health Department at 828-426-8400.

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