Granite Falls warehouse fire Saturday morning update

GRANITE FALLS, NC (July 22, 2017)…The Granite Falls Fire Department is continuing to contain the fire within the walls but it is still smoldering. Firefighters are letting the insides of the building burn itself out because it is too dangerous at this point to enter. Departments on the scene this morning are Granite Falls and Grace Chapel Fire Departments.

Investigators say it will likely be up to a week before the interior will cool down enough to begin investigation into what started the fire. If conditions allow, late today, the Granite Falls Fire department plans to begin a hourly watch on the smoldering remains as a precaution until the interior burns itself out.

The warehouse is 75,729 square feet and housed several businesses including Smith Thread Sales, an Art Studio and Gallery, Foothills Workshop and a storage rental business.

The warehouse sits on a 19 acre property and firefighters were able to save five buildings that surround the warehouse.

Although firefighters were rotating out of the fire due to the heat, several were treated on the scene for heat related conditions last night. All are ok this morning.

We would like to warn residents in the area that conditions will remain smoky until the interior burns itself out. We would also like to thank the citizens for bringing in donated water for the firefighters through the evening. That is much appreciated.

Here is a link to photos of the fire: