Governor McCrory Activates State Emergency Operations Center in Response to Temporary Fuel Shortage

RALEIGH, NC (September 19, 2016)…Governor Pat McCrory today activated North Carolina’s State Emergency Response Team to coordinate with counties regarding fuel needs as Colonial Pipeline officials continue working to fix a damaged pipeline that supplies much of the east coast with petroleum products.

“I continue to warn motorists to be on the lookout for price gouging,” said Governor McCrory. “We are taking steps to protect consumers and ensure that fuel is continuing to flow into the state. To help ensure adequate fuel supplies, I have instructed state agencies to consider options to limit fuel use, including curtailing non-essential travel for state employees.”

Governor McCrory was briefed by state energy and emergency officials today and discussed short-term conservation measures until normal fuel flows are completely restored.

The governor said the state’s first priority continues to be ensuring that adequate fuel is available for first responders and emergency officials. Meanwhile, the company continues to use another line to offset the shortage due to the line with the leak. Colonial continues trucking and re-supplying gasoline to the areas that need it.

Timeline of events:

• September 9 – Colonial Pipeline officials discovered a leak in the pipeline in Helena, Alabama. An estimated 6,000 to 8,000 barrels were spilled in a remote area of Shelby County.

• September 15 – Governor McCrory issued an executive order temporarily waiving hours of service restrictions for fuel vehicles traveling in and through the state in order to help prevent disruptions and backups at major fuel distribution hubs.

• September 16 – Governor McCrory issued a second executive order that waives additional trucking restrictions and protects consumers from price gouging at the fuel pumps. Both executive orders remain in place for 30 days or until they are canceled.

• September 17 – Colonial Pipeline revealed that it would construct a bypass line around the leak site to restore completely restore Line 1 deliveries.

• September 18 – Colonial Pipeline leaders tell North Carolina emergency officials that they expect to have the pipeline bypass built by mid to late week. Upon completion of the bypass, it will take several days for fuel flow levels to return to normal.

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