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Garbage dumping bandits littering on Poplar Drive in Granite Falls

GRANITE FALLS, NC (January 25, 2018)…Bags of garbage have been piling up on a back road in the town of Granite Falls recently.  This road, Poplar Drive, looks to be more of a driveway as it is dirt and not well traveled.  Poplar Drive runs parallel to Dudley Avenue down to Hillside Avenue near the back entrance to Granite Falls Elementary School.  Upwards of approximately twenty bags of garbage has been dumped in this location to date.  We drove down this road again on Wednesday, January 24 and found at least four more bags of garbage.  After a little digging around through the garbage, we were amazed to find paperwork with residential addresses and names.  If you ever witness someone dumping garbage or littering, please report them to local law enforcement.  Dumping garbage is illegal and can result in heavy fines.  We should not tolerate this lazy and disrespectful behavior.

Dumping is Illegal and Can Be a Felony Crime.  Read the law here.

North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality – Illegal Dumping