Foothills Robotics FRC Team 6888 Competes At THOR

HILDEBRAN, NC (October 12, 2021) — Foothills Robotics FRC Team 6888, Sponsored by: Town of Hildebran, went to their first competition since 2019. The off-season event, THOR (Thundering Herd of Robots), was held at Mountain Island Charter School in Mount Holly on Saturday, October 9. This one-day event featured robots from 13 teams. With 5 of the 11 members, the team went in, worked together, and competed against and with teams that had seen at least 1 competition in 2020 with their robot. Even though the team did not walk away with the 1st place trophy, they showed gracious professionalism throughout the day. They had to bow out of a few matches due to technical difficulties, but the team and the robot did well in the matches played and even accomplished the only triple hang (three robots hanging at once) of the day. At the end of the qualifiers, the top 4 teams chose their alliances (3 teams per alliance) and our team was one of the first selected. With 13 teams there, our alliance consisted of Team 435 the Robodogs (Alliance captains) from Raleigh, Team 2640 HotBotz from Rockingham County, and Team 1533 Triple Strange from Greensboro. In our first playoff match, our alliance scored 94 points with our and Robodogs’ robots hanging. We kept the highest score until the final match when 2 alliances soared past our score. Through it all, the team held together, learned to work together, and most importantly learned that there is strength in working in collaborations. We want to mention a special thank you to Team 6894 Iced Java for hosting THOR4 as well as letting us borrow a rio to finish the competition.

The team will be focusing on recruitment and fundraising until January when the new season will begin. Our team is not just about robots. We need team members that are interested in learning about entrepreneurship, business, finance, fundraising, as well as public speaking, art, CAD, welding, fabrication, social media, coding, community service, and much more! Becoming a member of FIRST gives students an opportunity to connect with students from all around the globe as well as have a chance at 80 million dollars in scholarship money. If you are interested in helping the team by sponsoring/donations or you are/have a 6th-12th grader that would be interested in joining, please contact us: You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Twitter: @6888bc
Instagram: team6888bc

Press Release courtesy of Laura Manka
Foothills Robotics
FRC Team 6888 Mentor

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