Foothills Kids Elects Sarah Greer Koenig as President of Foothills Kids Board of Directors

HICKORY, NC (April 14, 2022) – Foothills Kids Magazine, a not-for-profit publication that provides free educational content for local students, held its regular quarterly board of directors meeting this week, where they unanimously elected Sarah Greer Koenig as President of Foothills Kids Board of Directors, following the departure of Board President Emeritus Cliff Moone.

Greer Koenig is a national-level, state, and local legislative child and education advocate for children and schools nationwide, including Caldwell County and North Carolina. She serves on the National Parent Teacher Association Legislation Affairs Division. She is also the Federal Legislative Liaison for Europe PTA, (US)Virgin Islands, Florida, Maryland, New Mexico, and Vermont, among other local to federal education legislative workgroups, as well as on the NCDPI – Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) –Teacher Licensure Subcommittee.

Foothills Kids was founded in 2020 with a mission to expand the brainchild of local Foothills Digest publisher Carmen Eckard’s magazine supplement for kids. The organization became a 501(c)3 to expand its reach to educate and inspire more students in grades 3-5 about local science, social studies, and cultural arts opportunities. The content aligns with NC Standards state public schools curriculum.

Foothills Kids recently published its first nonprofit issue for area schools, was distributed to 3rd – 5th graders in Caldwell County Schools, Catawba County Schools, and Hickory and Newton-Conover City Schools, and will distribute another local-focused magazine this fall. More information is at

Other board members include Vice President Rosann Flowers, Secretary Christiana Lovelace (Diamond Pointe Financial), Treasurer Monica Parache-Douthit (Auction dot com), Dr. Wayne Powell (former President of Lenoir-Rhyne University), Tracy Hall (Catawba Science Center), Ron Downs (retired/furniture), and Patrick Broos (Catawba Valley Medical Center); ex-officio staff includes creator and editor Carmen Eckard and executive director, Aaron Kohrs.

In addition, Sarah Greer Koenig, a child and education advocate who is also a substitute teacher and parent of two children who attend Caldwell County Schools, announced her candidacy in December for a seat on the Caldwell County Board of Education. A strong advocate for children and education, Greer Koenig pledged her commitment to building collaboration with students, teachers, and families to strengthen the county school system and address the issues facing the district. Greer Koenig states, “It is imperative that we have a healthy and robust school system in Caldwell County that allows our students to flourish academically and socially. We are an ever-growing, diverse community that needs to address numerous educational issues, including budgetary, competitive educator and staff salary packages, parental engagement, and curriculum choices. The task will not be easy, but I know that I can make a dedicated, positive impact if elected by the constituencies here in Caldwell County.”

Additionally, Greer Koenig says, “As a board member, I will always be committed to teamwork and active engagement with parents, guardians, and our administrators and faculty. Concurrently, as a parent, I can assure other fellow parents and guardians that I will always be there to listen and be a voice for our children and families in our county. I believe that together, we can give our children the future they deserve. As our children thrive, so will our community.”

Greer Koenig is running in the May 17 Republican primary for one of the four seats up for election on Caldwell County’s Board of Education.

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