Flood Warning for a potential dam break in Ashe County


ASHE COUNTY, NC (September 17, 2018)  — According to Ashe County Emergency Management “the Headwaters dam on Three Top Road is fine today.”

ASHE COUNTY, NC (September 16, 2018)  — The area on Three Top Road in Creston that is downstream of and, and close to, the Headwater Dam has been evacuated due to the dam being close to capacity. This affected approximately two dozen residents that were in close proximity to the small dam.

***A Flash Flood Warning for a dam break remains in effect until 8:00am Monday for Central Ashe County***

At 905 PM EDT local law enforcement reported the Headwaters Dam in the Headwaters subdivision near Creston is still in danger of failing and people are being evacuated.  There is no indication yet that the dam has failed at this point.  The water from this small lake would flow into 3 Top Creek and northward into the North Fork of the New River.  It is unclear how much water is in the small lake and what the potential flood wave would be should it fail.

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