Families asked to clear graves at Blue Ridge Memorial Park in Lenoir before April 1

LENOIR, NC (March 28, 2024) ⇒ Staff at the Blue Ridge Memorial Park in Lenoir are asking that family members clear grave markers of all items not in vases before Monday, April 1, 2024.

Mowing season at the cemetery runs from April 1 to October 30. Items stuck in the ground near graves such as wreathes, flowerpots, solar lights, etc., impede mowing and weed eating at the cemetery. When items are stuck in the ground, it’s more difficult for staff to maintain the graves.

Prior to April 1, staff will collect and discard all items not in vases. Family members should pick up any items not in vases they want to keep.

For more information, call Blue Ridge Memorial Park at 828-757-2178.

The photo above shows flowers properly placed in a vase at a grave marker in Blue Ridge Memorial Park.
This photo shows flowers and other decorations stuck in the grass all around a grave. The items not in the vase will be collected and discarded if a family member does not collect them before April 3.