Davenport A+ School’s 3rd grade loves Poetry!

LENOIR, NC (March 29, 2019) — Carly Schwartz and her team of 3rd Grade Teachers at Davenport A+ Elementary School recently were the recipients of a Grant awarding poetry books to their classrooms.  The poetry books are by local area author and poet, LB Sedlacek.

Her poetry books, “Poetry in LA (Lenoir Area),” were purchased and placed in each 3rd Grade classroom.  They are now part of the 3rd Grade poetry curriculum at the school.

Prior to the workshops, the teachers led their students on a Google classroom walk of the places mentioned in Sedlacek’s poems in the book.  This helped the kids learn more about the poems and to prepare their Questions for the workshop.

As part of the Grant, Mrs. Sedlacek taught 2 days of poetry workshops with all of the 3rd Graders.  The kids listened as she spoke about poetry and how she got started writing poems about Lenoir.  She then let them pick out poems from the book for her to read.  She next took Questions from the students.  The last part of the workshop was for Sedlacek to assist the kids with a poem writing exercise.  Ultimately, the children will have poems in a poetry book of their own through the school.

Sedlacek said her favorite parts of the workshops were the enthusiasm in learning about poetry and the written arts in general, and the questions the students had for her.  She also enjoyed them asking for their favorite poems to be read from the book!  The most requested poems for her to read were her poems about the downtown sculptures, the pool (Aquatic Center), the 2017 Eclipse, the Gravity Games, the annual Sculpture Festival, downtown Lenoir poems, the car shows, and the Blackberry Festival.

You can find out more about “Poetry in LA (Lenoir Area)” by visiting www.lbsedlacek.com

Photos courtesy of Heather Webb and LB Sedlacek