City of Lenoir removing old clock tower

LENOIR, NC (November 1, 2022) — The City of Lenoir will remove the old Clock Tower on the Downtown square this week. Staff will store the City Clock until a new tower is designed and built.

The current clock tower has deteriorated and become unsafe. Sections of the façade on the clock tower are cracking and pulling away from the brick underneath, and some of the brick structure is weakening as well.

City staff attempted to get cost estimates to repair the current tower, but various contractors said there were too many uncertainties to provide a good estimate.

Public Works staff removed the four clock faces today, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022. Staff will bring in a crane Thursday to help remove the clock frame from the tower, and then demolish and remove the clock tower. The tower should be completely removed by Friday, barring any unforeseen problems.

The clock frame, faces, and mechanics will be stored in a secure location until a new clock tower is built.

Main Street Director Kaylynn Horn and other City staff are exploring options for different styles of towers and structures to hold the City Clock.

“We’d like something that could speak to our love for outdoor sculpture, and possibly incorporate the City of Lenoir brand,” Director Horn said. “We want something out of the ordinary, something interesting, something that will showcase the creativity of our community and engage the residents.”

The City Clock has been part of Downtown Lenoir since the early 1920s. It was originally located on the corner of the Bank of Lenoir, which was adjacent to the current City Hall. The clock was manufactured by O.B. McClintock Co. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has four sides and four glass faces. The white, round dial is surrounded by green stained glass to make a square face. It was designed to be lit from within to shine white and green at night.

When the Bank of Lenoir building was demolished, the City of Lenoir acquired the clock and built a new tower for it on the square. At some point, the clock stopped working. In the early 2000s,

Mr. Curtis Moore helped City staff install new timers on each clock face and get it running again.

Staff hopes to have the new clock tower completed by spring next year.

The City Clock Tower is located on the square in Downtown Lenoir just outside City Hall.
The City Clock was first placed on the corner of the Bank of Lenoir. The edge of the building on the right side of this photo is the current City Hall. When the Bank of Lenoir was demolished, the city built a new tower for the clock on the square.
The clock face features a white dial surrounded by green stained glass. It is designed to be lit from within and illuminated night.
Mr. Curtis Moore helped restore the City Clock to working order in the early 2000s.
Public Works staff removed the stained-glass clock faces today, Tuesday Nov. 1, 2022.

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