City of Lenoir Public Utilities Department gets new logo

LENOIR, NC (November 1, 2018) — The City of Lenoir Public Utilities Department has a new logo, and department staff says it’s a winner.

The City’s water tanks were due to be repainted this year, and Public Utilities Director Radford Thomas wanted a new look for the tanks.

“We provide water service to a lot of residents in Lenoir and Caldwell County, and I thought it was important that people know who is providing that service,” Thomas said.

Thomas asked Public Information Officer Joshua Harris to design a new logo for tanks. Harris drew from Lenoir’s geography to design the logo.

“The graphic element of the design is a water drop with an impression of Hibriten Mountain forming the bottom, green half of the drop,” Harris said. “The top, blue half represents the rain that falls from the sky and makes its way into our beautiful Catawba River where we draw our water.”

Thomas said his staff liked the new logo so much that they decided to rebrand the department. Several Public Utilities trucks already sport the new logo, and staff plans to incorporate the design on shirts and hats.

Water Plant Superintendent Kevin Matheson said the logo illustrates the services the department provides and the geography of Lenoir and Caldwell County.

“I feel that the new design for the Public Utilities logo captures the elements of what we do,” Matheson said. “The light blue water at the top of the droplet represents the core of our business – clean water. The lower green portion represents the foothills environment that we are blessed to inhabit. The contemporary design brings our department into the 21st Century.”

The City of Lenoir Water Treatment Plant staff produces an average of 6.24 million gallons of clean, potable water per day. The department serves that water to around 25,000 people in Lenoir and Caldwell County through 219 miles of water lines.