City of Lenoir Council congratulates Fairfield Chair Co. on 100-year anniversary

LENOIR, NC (September 22, 2021) — The City of Lenoir City Council recognized and congratulated Fairfield Chair Company on its 100 Year Anniversary Tuesday night.

Mayor Joe Gibbons read and presented a resolution to Mr. John Beall, Chairman of the Fairfield Chair Company Board of Directors, and Board Member Mr. Stewart Beall during the Sept. 21, 2021, City Council meeting. The resolution thanks the company for its many contributions to Lenoir and congratulates the Beall family on the 100-year anniversary of the company. The full resolution is included below. Mayor Gibbons also gave the Beall’s a framed City of Lenoir City flag.

“I want to thank you on behalf of Stewart and myself,” Mr. John Beall said. “Our success has been our ability to recognize talent and to hire employees, thousands of them over the 100 years, and treat them well. We’re grateful to the City for the infrastructure they provide, and the fine fire department that is really important and holds down our insurance rates. We get a lot of support from the City of Lenoir and we’re very appreciative.”

Fairfield Chair Company was incorporated in the City of Lenoir in 1921and all of the company’s manufacturing, warehousing, and trucking facilities are still located in the City and Caldwell County. In 1970, Fairfield Chair built the iconic civic center building on 321 to serve as the company showroom. Today, the company operates more than 500,000 square feet of production, warehousing, and display space, and Fairfield Chair is the ninth largest employer in Caldwell County.

Beall said he was also proud of what the company has accomplished, and he added that family and staff are working on their second 100 years.

Pictured from left, front row: Mr. John Beall, Mayor Gibbons, and Mr. Stewart Beall. Back row: City Councilmen Ralph Prestwood, Todd Perdue, Ike Perkins, and David Stevens.

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