City of Lenoir City Council honors Richard Hedrick

Richard Hedrick

LENOIR, NC (October 9, 2020) — The City of Lenoir City Council honored long-time Planning Board member Richard Hedrick Tuesday night, Oct. 6, 2020, during the City Council meeting.

Mr. Hedrick served 23 years on the Planning Board, first as the Extraterritorial representative, then as a regular member. He also was an inaugural member of the Lenoir Historic Preservation Commission. Mr. Hedrick retired off the Planning Board in August.

The Planning Board serves as an advisory board to City Council. The board makes recommendations to City Council on discretionary land use approvals like zoning map changes, ordinance amendments, conditional and special uses, and major subdivisions. The Planning Board also makes recommendations to the City Council on appropriate areas for future growth, transportation improvements, recreation areas, preservation of open space and environmental resources, architecture and design considerations, and economic development in the form of a Comprehensive Plan.

Front row from left: Mayor Joe Gibbons and Richard Hedrick. Back row from left: City Manager Scott Hildebran and City Councilmembers David Stevens, Ralph Prestwood, Todd Perdue, Ike Perkins, and Jonathan Beal.

Mayor Joe Gibbons read a resolution honoring Mr. Hedrick, see below, and thanked him for his many years of service. Mayor Gibbons also presented Mr. Hedrick with a Key to the City.

“We appreciate your long tenure on our board,” Mayor Gibbons said. “You’ve made a lot of great things happen in our city and community and we really appreciate that. This is a key to your city, a city you have helped build and help grow … and become a better place for all our citizens to live.”

Mr. Hedrick said he appreciated the recognition and he complimented the City’s Planning Department staff.

“I would like to thank Planning Board Director Jenny Wheelock and her staff,” Mr. Hedrick said. “They are doing a tremendous job and I hope all of y’all realize that and know what they are doing.”

Director Wheelock said Mr. Hedrick has been a great board member and helped her a lot when she first started working for the City.

“Richard, thank you for your kind words and also for your service. My board members like Richard really helped me really understand the history [of Lenoir] and it think it’s so great that we do have folks that will stay on that long,” Wheelock said. “Thank you Richard. You’ll be missed.”

Resolution Honoring Richard Hedrick

WHEREAS, Richard Hedrick, has served faithfully and diligently as a member of the Lenoir Planning Board since 1997 when he was first appointed to serve as an Extraterritorial representative; and

WHEREAS, Richard Hedrick went on to serve as a regular member of the Lenoir Planning Board as well as a member of the Lenoir Board of Adjustment, and recently was also an inaugural member of the Lenoir Historic Preservation Commission; and

WHEREAS, Richard Hedrick during his 23 year tenure as a Board Member, has served with great competence and made important contributions to a large variety of land development cases; including the adoption of a Comprehensive Plan, amendments to the Land Development Code, re-zonings, conditional use permits, variances, conditional zoning districts, and other planning projects; and

WHEREAS, Richard Hedrick is being honored and recognized for his volunteerism, devotion to the community, and his commitment and hard work;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Lenoir City Council hereby expresses sincere appreciation to our friend and colleague, who, through his leadership and dedicated service to the City has earned respect and has made lasting contributions for the betterment of the City,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, I, Mayor Joseph L. Gibbons, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor of the City of Lenoir, North Carolina, and on behalf of the City Council and all the citizens, do hereby extend sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to Richard Hedrick for his devoted and outstanding service.

This the 6th day of October, 2020.

Joseph L. Gibbons, Mayor