City of Lenoir City Council extends condolences to family of Paul H. Broyhill

LENOIR, NC (October 7, 2021) — The City of Lenoir City Council extends condolences to the family of Paul H. Broyhill, who passed away Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021, at the age of 97 years old.

Statement from City of Lenoir City Council:

“We were sad to hear of the passing of Mr. Paul H. Broyhill, and we extend our condolences to Mr. Broyhill’s family and close friends. Mr. Broyhill was a true pillar of our City and his influence on Lenoir cannot be overstated. Mr. Broyhill helped make Broyhill Furniture a household name throughout the nation and he helped put the City of Lenoir on the map as the Furniture Capital of the South. Mr. Broyhill and his brother, U.S. Senator Jim Broyhill, were instrumental in establishing Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute, and Mr. Broyhill also spent decades of his life and donated millions of dollars to support education and many other charitable causes through the work of the Broyhill Family Foundation. Mr. Broyhill also built and gifted the T. H. Broyhill Walking Park to the City of Lenoir in 1992, and the Broyhill Family Foundation has helped maintain and improve the park ever since. We appreciate everything Mr. Broyhill has done for the City of Lenoir, our community, and our residents. He was loved by many. He will continue to be loved by many, and he will be remembered.”

• Joseph L. Gibbons, Mayor
• Crissy Thomas, Mayor Pro Tem
• Jonathan Beal, Councilman
• Todd Perdue, Councilman
• Ike Perkins, Councilman
• Ralph Prestwood, Councilman
• David Stevens, Councilman
• Ben Willis, Councilman

Mr. Broyhill’s obituary is online here.