CCHD COVID-19 Update #227 (December 16, 2020)

LENOIR, NC (December 16, 2020) — Here is the Caldwell County Health Department COVID-19 Update for Wednesday, December 16, 2020.

Caldwell County confirmed its 55th COVID-19-related death today. The patient, who was between the ages of 65 and 74, was reported to have underlying health conditions.

Seventy-one cases were reported today — 39 in the 28645 Zip code, 14 in 28630, 15 in 28638, and three in 28601. Thirteen patients are under the age of 17; six are between 18 and 24; 24 are between 25 and 49; 13 patients are between 50 and 64; 10 patients are between 65 and 74; and five patients are over the age of 75.

Yesterday, Koinonia Apartments was incorrectly reported as an outbreak. It should have been reported as a cluster. The cluster associated with the Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute Women’s Basketball Team and outbreak at ComServ have been closed by the Caldwell County Health Department.

Following state and federal guidance, COVID-19 vaccinations are being given first to health care workers at high risk for exposure to COVID-19 — doctors, nurses and all who interact and care for patients with COVID-19 — and long-term care staff and residents — people in skilled nursing facilities and in adult, family, and group homes.

For more information about Coronavirus, visit here or call the Emergency Operations Center at 828-426-8605. For statistical information, visit here.

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