CCHD COVID-19 Update #199 (November 12, 2020)

LENOIR, NC (November 12, 2020) — Here is the Caldwell County Health Department COVID-19 Update for Thursday, November 12, 2020.

Thirty-eight cases were reported today — 23 in the 28645 Zip code, nine in 28630, five in 28638, and one in 28667. Seven patients are under the age of 17; five are between 18 and 24; 13 are between 25 and 49; 10 patients are between 50 and 64; two are between 65 and 74; and one is over the age of 75.

In the outbreak at Shaire Center, 40 cases — 31 residents and nine staff members — and four deaths have been reported since the outbreak was first confirmed on October 22. The Caldwell County Health Department continues to work closely with Shaire Center to slow the spread of the virus in their facility.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the NC Department of Health and Human Services recommends avoiding the following high-risk activities to help slow the spread of COVID-19: 

  • Attending large indoor gatherings with people from outside of your household or with people who do not practice the 3 W’s (wear, wait, and wash) 
  • Attending parades — under the current Executive Order traditional parades are prohibited mass gatherings and limited in size

CCHD COVID Dashboard 11-12-2020

For information about Coronavirus, visit here or call the Emergency Operations Center at 828-426-8605. For statistical information, visit here.