CCHD COVID-19 Update #126 (August 11, 2020)

LENOIR, NC (August 11, 2020) — Here is the Caldwell County Health Department COVID-19 Update for Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

Laboratory-Confirmed Cases Cases Reported Today Recovered Patients Active Patients
1231 4 673 542
Deaths Hospitalized Active Outbreaks Active Clusters
16 19 6 2
Total Tested Total Negative % Patients Tested Positive
16,112 14,112 7.64%
28606 28645 28630 28638 28601 28667 28611 28655
1 709 312 168 24 3 13 1
0-17 18-24 25-49 50-64 65-74 75+
162 125 438 277 147 82
White African American Hispanic Asian  
70.77% 5.52% 23.21% 0.50%

Updated 08-11-2020

Caldwell County recently purchased thermal imaging systems for its public buildings. The systems, designed to automate body temperature screening, allows staff to efficiently and effectively check temperatures of everyone entering county facilities.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, temperature screening has become commonplace. In county buildings, we have been using handheld thermometers to check temperatures and sign in sheets to record the data,” explained Public Health Director Anna Martin. “This process requires multiple people and can slow entry into our buildings. With the Seek Scan, we can reduce the number of staff required to perform temperature checks while still providing accurate information and recordkeeping.”

Seek Scan measures one person’s temperature at a time while enabling social distancing protocols. The system references a fixed heat source with a known temperature value to provide body temperature. A visual and audible alert is provided if someone is warmer than the customizable alarm temperature.

​“The Seek Scan systems are just another layer of preventive screening to help us protect our staff and visitors to our buildings in our continued efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Martin.

The systems, which were purchased using CARES Act funding, will be installed at the Caldwell County Courthouse, Alden Starnes County Office Plaza, Health and Human Services Building, Caldwell County Resource Center, and the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department.

Four COVID-19 cases were reported to the Health Department today — two in the 28645 Zip code, one in 28638, and one in the 28601. One patient is under the age of 17; two patients are between 25 and 49; and one patient is between 50 and 64.

Hospitalized – The number of hospitalized patients is not cumulative. It is the number of patients from Caldwell County currently hospitalized, regardless of what county they are hospitalized in.

“Also, if you follow the state numbers, you will notice we are reporting fewer cases than the state shows for our county. We report cases once the health care provider who conducted the test shares pertinent patient information and confirms test results. Until we receive that information, we do not add cases to our log.

Remember, we only report cases for patients who live in Caldwell County. Cases are counted by patient, not the number of times the patient tests positive.” Caldwell County Health Department