Caldwell Pregnancy Care Center September 2018 Newsletter

LENOIR, NC (September 18, 2018) — Here is the Caldwell Pregnancy Care Center September 2018 Newsletter.

Dear Friends,

Our hearts are gladdened, and we rejoice when an unborn baby’s life is saved from an abortion and a mother is saved from the physical, emotional and spiritual hurts that come along with an abortion decision.  We are elated when the ministry of Caldwell Pregnancy Care Center is used by God to touch a life for generations to come.  Some may think that this is the end of our relationship with this precious mom and baby – but it is only the beginning!

Once a life-decision is made we continue to walk beside the mom and dad as they then have a choice of either placing for adoption or parenting this child.  Both of these life-giving options are wonderful and are to be commended.  The Bible says in Psalm 82:3-4, “Defend the poor and fatherless:  do justice to the afflicted and needy.  Deliver the poor and needy:  rid them out of the hand of the wicked.”   Our commitment remains that we share Christ and be an encouragement to the parents in whichever of these two life-giving decisions they make.

When adoption is chosen we lovingly and gently refer them to a Christian adoption agency that has the knowledge and ability to help them make an adoption plan for their unborn baby.  Our role is to support and love on this precious mom as she lovingly chooses the future parents for her precious baby that she has given life to.  We comfort her during the hard days and rejoice with her during the happy days.  We listen and empathize with what she is feeling, all while sharing the love of Christ with her.  We pray for her, for her baby, and for the adoptive parents during this journey and beyond.  What a blessing it is for us to have the opportunity to minister in this way!

When parenting is the choice our mission is to help Mom and Dad become the very best parents they can be and encourage a Christian home.  We educate them on what is happening during pregnancy and the development of their unborn baby.  We teach parenting techniques and developmental milestones through our curriculum.  We encourage the bonding of this family through learning of their precious baby and how God chose them to be his or her parents.  We help Mom as she prepares for birth and instruct on how to take care of herself during her pregnancy and after.  We encourage Dad in his new role of leading this precious family.  Our male mentors educate on budgeting, being a role model, supporting the mother of their child and many other life skills.  All of this is done through education, Bible study and mentoring that is based on God’s Word.  Our clients meet with us once a week for the duration of their pregnancy and for 6 months after their baby is born.  Once their baby is 6 months old, they then have the opportunity to join a group parenting/Bible study group.  During this time, they are earning items for their baby such as diapers, wipes, cribs, new car seats and so much more.

Our time with these clients, whether it leads to an adoption plan or parenting, is a time of encouragement and instruction, all while building a mentoring relationship.  We invest time and resources to help build strong Christian families in our community.  We pray that each client that we see will grow closer to the Lord through their experience with us.  It is an encouragement to us when we see God’s faithful provision for our clients and see His hand move in their acceptance and growth in Him.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry with your monetary gifts and baby item donations.  Along with your help, we can continue to stand beside these families as they make the wonderful decision to give life to their precious unborn baby.

Machelle Kirby
Executive Director


  • Lenoir Community Church for the diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotions and baby powders
  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church Missions Group for the diapers, wipes and baby wash
  • New Beginning Baptist Church for the Mommy Bags
  • College Avenue Baptist Church for the gifts for our mommies


WALK-4-Life 2018

When:        Saturday, September 22, 2018

Where:       Caldwell Pregnancy Care Center’s NEW BUILDING

210 Ridge Street, Lenoir, NC

Time: 9:00am

Help Us Surround Our New Building in Prayer!

NEEDS . . .

  • A sponsor for our HOPE mtg. snacks for our clients for 2018. Sign up for a month that your church group, organization, business, etc. can sponsor a month of HOPE! These snack items are simple, yet our clients really enjoy having them.
  • Baby wipes

Want to give financially?  Here is how:

  • Send a check to CPCC at PO Box 1561, Lenoir, NC 28645
  • Come by the center personally on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – we would love to see you and thank you personally